Our Services

We partner with you and develop the brand strategies and creative communication that ensures you build a brand people fall in love with; a brand that connects. The services we offer include a mix of brand building, creative strategy and design, focused on the growth of your business and the success of your vision.

Brand Building and Design

Brand Development

Brand Development deals with the creation and development of a new brand. It’s well suited for entrepreneurs and companies who are creating a new product, a new initiative or a new business. We work with you to discover market insights, develop a long-term brand strategy, and create the marketing material that will ensure the success of your new idea.

Brand Development has helped our clients build businesses, launch products and make powerful first impressions.

Brand Management

Brand Management deals with the maintenance and strengthening of an existing brand. We create regular marketing material, marketing strategies and creative ideas to ensure continuous engagement between your brand and audience, helping your brand maintain its momentum into the future.

Brand Management has helped our clients nurture customer relationships, inspire loyalty, remain top-of-mind and enhance their efforts of reaching and impacting their audience.

Brand Growth

Brand Growth deals with a brand’s evolution or its expansion into wider markets. It’s well suited for entrepreneurs or companies with a brand looking to overcome specific challenges, move into new markets or stimulate innovation. We develop the creative strategy and creative solutions to help your brand flourish into new and exciting areas.

Brand Growth has helped our clients grow their customer base, achieve their business milestones and out-innovate their competition.

Workshops and Training

Brand Strategy
We help you and your team create the perfect brand strategy for long-term growth. Together we explore the needs of your target market and how your brand can best connect with them. We uncover insights about the challenges your brand may face and work towards creative solutions for the most effective way forward.
Brand Training
Great brands communicate their values through everything they do. We train employees to understand the core values of your brand and how they can best bring it to life through their role in the business. Together we create ideas on how staff can meaningfully engage with stakeholders and customers to make their experience as memorable as possible. Employee brand training is a great way to inspire a team to uphold the company culture and passionately work towards a common goal.
We help you turn new ideas into actionable opportunities for your business. We equip your brand to meet the changing needs and trends of the market and uncover new ways to connect with your customers. Our clients find this to be the perfect space to expand on and create new, exciting brand projects.
New Media
for Businesses
We equip you or your team to take full advantage of the fast evolving new media tools available to businesses today. We train you to effectively use social-media to grow an engaged following, to use photography, blogging and other media to best grow your brand and how to develop an online creative strategy that ensures you achieve your brand’s fullest potential.


Our Approach

The work we do at Pigeon Pie is possible through the mastery of three core areas: Research, Strategy and Design.


Research is about uncovering your brand's hidden opportunities for growth and market impact. Having a deep understanding of your customers and your competitors is an important part of building a powerful brand. We approach all our work with a keen focus on uncovering insights that will help you stand out amongst competitors and truly connect with your market.


Strategy is about working not just for today, but for the long term. We believe that to achieve not just outstanding, but effective creative work, it needs to be guided by clear objectives and a clear strategy. We work alongside our clients to develop the perfect creative strategy to meet the needs of their business and achieve their fullest potential.


Guided by the brand strategy, design is where we use creativity to engage your audience and meet your business objectives. From wording and visuals to rollout and development, we craft every experience your customers have with your brand. Design is about motivating people to take action and leaving a lasting impression in the minds and hearts of everybody you encounter.