The Women’s Innovation Trade Fair

We helped Mhani Gingi create and launch a business conference to celebrate noteworthy women in business. We hosted brand strategy workshops with the team to help them shape their vision. We also developed the brand, marketing material and pitching material to ensure the success of this innovative idea, attracting both local and international professionals from around the world.

Entrepreneur / Change-Maker: Mhani Gingi & The Swedish Chamber of Trade Project Scale: Large Project Scope: Strategy Workshops & Brand Development

South Africa is filled with thousands of inspiring entrepreneurs, some who create because of necessity and some who create because of opportunity. The Mhani Gingi Foundation focuses on empowering women in both areas of entrepreneurship. They approach their work as an accelerator of economic growth, and ultimately, community empowerment. The Women’s Innovation Trade Fair was a natural extension of the work they do every day.

Mhani Gingi approached us with the idea of creating a conference focused specifically on women-led innovation, business and professional achievement. It was a celebration of noteworthy women in business and a showcase of phenomenal women making waves in the industry.

We held brand strategy workshops with partnering organisations from Sweden and South Africa to craft the brand’s core values, target market and competitor landscape. Together we developed a clear strategy for the direction of the conference.

“It was a celebration of noteworthy women in business and a showcase of phenomenal women making waves in the industry.”

Our creative work was inspired by the combination of beauty and strength of successful women. Sturdy shapes were complemented by soft typography and powerful colours. We created marketing material aimed at 500+ delegates, pitch presentations and proposals that went on to earn their target funding and information booklets that equipped exhibitors and speakers with the necessary conference guidelines. Our creative strategy and design extended into the venue itself and turned the Cape Town Convention Centre into the home of Women’s Innovation Trade Fair for 3 successful days, engaging business women from every corner of the globe.

The women’s innovation trade fair was the result of various organisations coming together and making a difference.