Women Connected

We partnered with Vanita Daniels to design and launch The DIY Guide for Independent Women. We developed the brand strategy and creative material needed to take Women Connected to market, from the logo design to the website design, to even the company name and guideline content, the brand we created focused on one simple idea – empowering women to become more independent and more capable than ever before.

Entrepreneur / Change-Maker: Vanita Daniels Project Scale: Large Project Scope: Brand Development, Brand Management

“There are few feelings more amazing than being fully independent, enjoying life, and knowing that no matter what, you’ll always be able to rely on yourself.”

Vanita Daniels approached us with nothing more than an idea and a passion. She wanted to create a DIY guide specifically for women, empowering women to become more independent and more capable than ever before.

With Women Connected, women can learn how to do things like changing a tyre or jump-starting their car, to how to correctly diagnose problems before finding a fix and how to make sure they never get ripped off by hired handy-men.

Women Connected is about tackling the challenges of being an independent woman.

“Empowering women to become more independent and more capable than ever before.”

As a large project, we had the opportunity to develop a very extensive creative strategy. From the company name, to the website, to the live workshops and presentations, building a focused brand strategy was critical to the success of our creative work.

Our primary target market fell between the ages of 23 and 35, the age where many women start to explore their independence and often also the age where many women begin to learn their most important life skills.

With a target market that loves socialising and are extremely active on social media, our research already highlighted some of the key creative areas we can take advantage of.

“Building a focused brand strategy was critical to the success of our creative work.”

Our brand strategy was built around the lifestyles of independent women. We were inspired by the strength of modern independent women and the beauty of playful, feminine design. Our visual language and brand language aimed to highlight strength without losing the playfulness and cheekiness of a confident personality.

Our brand strategy also ensured that Women Connected was as much of a lifestyle brand as it was a brand offering practical DIY information – We aimed to bridge the gap between DIY and femininity.

The creative work took us from bi-annual social-media campaigns, to live events and workshops, to very specific interface designs and user experiences.
We were creating a brand that would become a community for independent women and a tool that women everywhere would be able to access online, whether they’re stuck in an emergency situation or just looking to improve their DIY capabilities.

The DIY guide and website was designed to be simple, quick and easy to use. Built to be accessed from any mobile phone, tablet or PC, it ensured that no matter what DIY emergency you might find yourself in, the fix is just a few clicks away.

“We aimed to bridge the gap between DIY and femininity.”

The social-media campaigns were run to spread the news of the new online platform. The events and workshops were designed to create a community of independent women while also teaching, through press-kits and booklets, how to use Women Connected and get involved.

This is Vanita’s vision brought to life.

Women Connected is to become the DIY guide for all independent women. Whether they’re interested in learning all there is to know about DIY or merely looking for tips and support when stuck in a sticky situation, Women Connected is all about making sure women everywhere never need to be damsels in distress ever again.