Sunflower Fund – The Conquerors

We created an awareness campaign for The Sunflower Fund to help them communicate a message of hope, raise funds, and inspire people to become donors. We conceptualised, wrote, and produced a video and social media campaign aimed at mobilising their community. It was used as an opening to their gala dinners, a call-to-action at their fundraising events, and a series of stories for their community to engage with on social media.  Our campaign “The Conquerors” has become Sunflower Fund’s call-to-arms. Let’s give someone the hope of life!

Entrepreneur / Change-Maker: The Sunflower Fund Project Scale: Medium Project Scope: Brand Management, Brand Growth

The Sunflower Fund is a cause-based organisation that educates the public and creates awareness about blood-disorders like leukemia. They match patients with donors, raise funds to further scientific research, and actively recruit donors onto the South African Bone Marrow Registry. They believe every individual has the potential to save a life, and through their work in growing the local bone marrow database, they can increase the chances of finding a match for every patient suffering from a blood disorder.

“Our campaign was a celebration of hope, and it was a journey guided by the stories of patients and survivors.”

We worked with The Sunflower Fund to share a message of hope and inspire every individual to play a part in giving someone the hope of life.

Our awareness campaign featured real stories and real patients. We wanted to capture the profound strength of every survivor, patient, family member, and volunteer. Our campaign was a celebration of hope, and it was a journey guided by the stories of patients and survivors. We were calling on the public to share a part of themselves and give another human being the chance at life.

Our campaign was a celebration of hope as much as it was a call-to-action.

The Sunflower Fund has assisted thousands of patients across Africa and they continue to make a life-changing impact on the lives of everyone they meet.

If you’d like to learn how you can make a contribution, visit for more information.