Open Africa

We worked with Open Africa to strengthen their brand and help them show off the impact they’ve made all over South Africa. We helped them create employee brand bibles, annual reports, office murals, and various marketing collateral to better tell their story and differentiate their brand. We worked to inspire team members to become brand ambassadors and inspire partners to join them on their mission. We worked with Open Africa to bring their vision to life.

Entrepreneur / Change-Maker: Open Africa Project Scale: Medium Project Scope: Brand Management, Brand Growth

Open Africa is an authentic tours company. They help adventurers find the most authentic tours all over South Africa by matching them with local tour entrepreneurs in each town. They give local entrepreneurs access to the market and work with them to find and tap into the hidden potential of their community. Open Africa is committed to helping share our unique African stories through authentic tourism.

“We wanted to capture the impact Open Africa has made and the many lives they have touched through their work.”

Open Africa’s brand values and ethics are key to how they approach the world and it’s an important part of what has made them so successful. We designed internal employee brand bibles to help new employees embody these values, understand the Open Africa mission, and learn new ways they can contribute to achieving it. Working with Open Africa on their internal branding like their brand bible and office murals helped them put their vision front-and-centre to everything they do.

For their stakeholders and partners, we designed annual reports that shared their amazing success stories year after year. We wanted to capture the impact they’ve made and the many lives they have touched through their work. Every design decision was guided by the many stories of their success. The photos, the colours, and the copy were all chosen to celebrate the people behind every story.

Open Africa has empowered hundreds of local entrepreneurs in creating profitable tourism businesses all throughout the rural towns of South Africa, and they continue to be an important player in creating authentic African experiences.

We helped them bring their stories to life and inspire a new community of fans and supporters.