Libi Natural Bags & Designs

We helped Marlon and Penny George launch and develop the technology cases fashion brand, Libi: Natural Bags and Designs. We developed the brand strategy, visual language, photography and designs to convey the high quality material and craftsmanship of their product range. Customers fell in love with the story of every product and fell in love with the quality of the brand, selling not just relatively well, but exceptionally well, with interest in both local and international markets.

Entrepreneur / Change-Maker: Marlon George & Penny George Project Scale: Medium Project Scope: Brand Development

Libi Natural Bags is a collection of hand-made iPad and laptop cases. All their products use 100% natural materials and are backed by real craftsmanship and attention to detail.
It didn’t need a good eye to see the quality Marlon and Penny brought to their work.

“Fashion brands represent more than a product. They represent a lifestyle and a certain level of craftsmanship.”

We began with research into both local and international brands. We knew that Libi needed to have a modern African image but still sell well in the global market.
We also knew that with sought after materials such as 100% mohairraw-silk or original shwe-shwe, Libi needed to be positioned as a premium brand.

We looked to the fashion industry for inspiration.

Premium fashion brands represent more than a product. In many ways, they represent an image, a lifestyle and a certain level of craftsmanship. This was perfectly in line with what Marlon and Penny had in mind.

Libi’s products are aimed at the professional creative class. People who are looking to stand out from the crowd and are not afraid to show off their individuality.This market is not satisfied with mass-produced goods and they love products that give them the opportunity to show-off their tastes and values. These kind of insights are what guided the development of the brand.

Libi’s hand-made quality made their products a good fit for the market, but it was also important to us to create a visual language that was understated, natural and simple – from the logo, to the packaging, to the business cards – to allow the craftsmanship and materials to take the centre stage.

“Everything we did was aimed at creating a tactile, engaging experience.”

Every product comes packaged with a short story about the materials used. Its history or its legends. Every product is personally packaged, to ensure a hand-made touch. We captured the rich textures through photography, through touch and through writing. Instead of just a product catalogue for instance, we have a leather-bound sample booklet, where customers can feel the textures while getting to know the brand. Everything we did was aimed at creating a tactile, engaging experience.

The most powerful brands are always backed by an amazing product and an amazing team. With Marlon’s unmistakable craftsmanship and Penny’s keen eye for detail, Libi is on its way to become something special.

These are definitely “made with love”.