Khanizeni Cultural Experiences

We helped Aqeelah Hendricks give life to her entrepreneurial idea; cultural tours that explore the Cape Town community in all its diversity. We designed and developed the Khanizeni brand experience, brand strategy and marketing material to take this unique idea to market. Visitors fell in love with the colourful people of Cape Town.

Entrepreneur / Change-Maker: Aqeelah Hendricks Project Scale: Large Project Scope: Brand Development

Pigeon Pie has always been very passionate about Cape Town and the diversity of this city. When we were approached by Aqeelah Hendricks who wanted to create authentic cultural tours for Cape Town, we were more than excited to bring this idea to life!

Khanizeni is about providing visitors with a truly authentic taste of Cape Town through rich cultural experiences.

The idea was born from Aqeelah’s deep love for the diversity and heritage of our city. Her enthusiasm for sharing our most unique stories led her to notice that many Capetonian tour companies were simply not providing visitors with very engaging and authentic tours. A trip up Table Mountain, taking photos at Cape Point and buying “artifacts” at curio-shops are not the experiences that make Cape Town unique. What makes Cape Town unique is its people, and this is how the idea of “Cultural Experiences” was born.

We wanted to uncover the most authentic experiences our city has to offer and share them with visitors in a way no other tour company has before.

“What makes Cape Town unique is its people, and this is how the idea of ‘Cultural Experiences’ was born.”

Crafting the Brand

Here are some key points from our research:

  • There’s a gap in competitor offerings for something truly authentic and cultural. Most tour companies are too focused on locations and sightseeing.
  • Many tour companies don’t communicate the vibrancy of Cape Town. With colour pallets that are predominantly blue and white, and photography that’s either stock photography or clichéd landscapes, most tour companies have very uninspiring visuals.
  • Coffee Bean Routes is a key competitor to Khanizeni. An extremely entrepreneurial company, they are the current champions in creating innovative Capetonian tours.

The brand strategy was built in about two months. We had the opportunity to design the entire business, from the visual language to the tour offerings and even down to the way you are greeted by staff.

Inspired by the cultures of Cape Town, we strategically designed every experience visitors were to enjoy while engaging with and exploring our city.

The brand personality was carefully crafted to be vivid, emotive and engaging, sharing only the most fascinating experiences in Cape Town. The aesthetics of each culture inspired our designs while the brand was built on the core company value – “People before Places”.

Everything we created was to showcase the beautiful cultures, people and experiences sprinkled across our city.

“The brand was built on the core company value – ‘People before Places’.”

We wanted to create work that gave visitors a true taste of Cape Town, things they would never forget, things that would always remind them of the experiences and the people. We wanted them to leave with stories no-one else can tell.