Food & Chatter

We helped Lisa Huang and Ovidiu Pacuraru create and launch a social dining network called Food & Chatter. Food & Chatter is an events start-up where adventurers can discover the world through interesting food and interesting people. We worked with them to do market research, implement a brand strategy and design and launch the entire brand. Food & Chatter grew to hosting two fully-booked events every week of the year, engaging and attracting locals as well as travellers from around the world.

Entrepreneur / Change-Maker: Lisa Huang & Ovidiu Pacuraru Project Scale: Medium Project Scope: Brand Development

Food & Chatter was born out of Lisa and Ovidiu’s love for meeting new people and discovering new things. As a social dining business, they host regular food-themed events and food-themed experiences. Their mission is to bring together diverse and interesting communities through dining events that give each visitor a chance to meet new people and experience new things.

“Everything we designed was for the explorers and adventurers.”

We hosted a series of strategy workshops with the Food & Chatter team to explore their understanding of the market and help them craft their brand’s value offering. Our workshops led to a brand strategy that was based on the human need for novelty and discovery, creating a brand that is never too boring nor too predictable.

Everything we designed was for the explorers and adventurers, the people who throw out the guide-book and constantly seek out experiences that leave them feeling more connected with the world.

“Food & Chatter is a mosaic of culture.”

Social discovery and exploration is an important part of Food & Chatter’s value offering, so to deliver on it through the brand, our website design made sure that visitors were able to discover and learn about new people from the Food & Chatter community with each visit. User profiles were spotlighted on the front page and users were encouraged to show off their most adventurous side. Restaurant and venue hosts were encouraged to share interesting stories about their food, their passions or their culture. Everything that took place at a Food & Chatter event needed to be something that has never happened before, so every restaurant created a bespoke menu and bespoke itinerary for each event. Some events were accompanied by unique challenges, activities or tours, and attendees were always made up of a perfect mix of tourists, ex-pats and locals. Food & Chatter was a mosaic of culture, and this is the insight that led the design and the vehicle that brought it all together.

With Food & Chatter, anything can become an adventure. We worked to create a brand that not only delivered authentic human connections through food, but a brand that celebrated an exciting pursuit of new experiences.