Enterprise Enabler

We helped Vuyisa Qabaka create and pilot an online support tool for small businesses across South Africa. We designed a website and user experience based on simple questionnaires and development milestones used to track and guide a business’s growth while making Enterprise Enabler’s compliance services accessible to the wider market.

Entrepreneur / Change-Maker: Vuyisa Qabaka Project Scale: Small Project Scope: Brand Development

We’re always excited about working on projects that will enable the growth of entrepreneurship and business in South Africa. Short of one-on-one mentorship and first-hand experience, the tools and resources available to business owners online can sometimes be their most valuable guide to business growth and success.

When Vuyisa approached us with the idea and content, we knew the user-friendliness and user-experience was going to be the most important factors in the success of the project. Small business owners generally don’t have time to use complex tools or follow complex procedures. How do we create a website where, at the very least, each feature is only 3 clicks away?

“…user-friendliness and user-experience was going to be the most important factors in the success of the project.”

When developing Enterprise Enabler, we found inspiration in the simplicity of some of the web’s best online shops. The services offered by Enterprise Enabler was to be distributed through a voucher system, where businesses are able to “purchase” a service based on their needs. A business would, in turn, use the online assessment tools to discover their needs and opportunities for growth. We were creating a platform that was a simple solution to a complex problem. Each and every page was designed with a clear goal in mind, to guide a business towards compliance and give them direct access to the services offered by Enterprise Enabler.