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  • Photo of Vuyisa Qabaka of Enterprise Enabler
    Africa is growing at a rapid pace in business, creativity and entrepreneurship. Pigeon Pie is at the forefront of this change. They have the vision and skill to take brands from inception to the global stage. We thank you!
    Vuyisa Qabaka, Enterprise Enabler
  • Photo of Guillaume De Smedt of Startup Grind
    Through Pigeon Pie’s dedicated interactions with our online audience, we have managed to build up a strong community and loyal following. It’s so refreshing to work with a creative team of this calibre. A truly world-class organisation!
    Guillaume De Smedt, Startup Grind
  • Photo of Noah Perin of VIA Global Health
    As a global company, we recognize the value of sourcing the best talent and ideas from around the world. We were gratified to find a team that understood the impact we wanted to make and how to translate our vision into a story that resonates with customers.
    Noah Perin, VIA Global Health
  • Photo of Lizelle Coombs of Angels Resource Centres
    Working with Pigeon Pie has been a tremendously satisfying journey. They have changed Business Kits from being just another product, to the extraordinary offer we know it really is. Pigeon Pie has an extraordinary way of bringing out the absolute best of your product or service.
    Lizelle Coombs, Angels Resource Centres
  • Photo of Audrey Verhaeghe of SA Innovation Summit
    Pigeon Pie helped us grow and carry out our message of Africa’s potential. The results were beyond our wildest expectations. We had an increase of over 500% in media mentions and doubled the growth of our online community. We look forward to working with Pigeon Pie again!
    Audrey Verhaeghe, SA Innovation Summit
  • Photo of Tracey Trevelyan of Zoona
    We were blown away with Pigeon Pie’s translation of the Zoona brand and how they designed and developed our website in an engaging way. Never flustered, always professional, and went the extra mile to deliver on tight timelines. Highly recommended!
    Tracey Travelyan, Zoona

Our Experience

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Project Details

Barclays and Rise hosted a business accelerator for some of the most promising fintech and health-tech startups in Africa.
Our Involvement
We were called in to support the startups on the programme and help them differentiate themselves and communicate their value to potential investors.

Work included consulting, marketing material, and investor presentation design.

8 startups from the programme successfully secured ongoing support, potential investment, and mentorship from Barclays and Rise Africa.
Zoona is one of the largest mobile money providers in Africa, creating financial inclusion for millions of people in Zambia, Malawi, and Mozambique.
Our Involvement
We were called in to design Zoona’s global website, help tell their story, and communicate their track-record to potential investors.

Work included website design, website development, content strategy, and content writing.

Zoona finally had a platform that showed off what they had to offer and it positioned them for their next stage of growth.
VIA Global Health is an online platform connecting medical-tech companies from the developed world with hospitals, governments, and medical buyers in the developing world.
Our Involvement
We were hired by VIA Global Health to help them launch their brand, establish their credibility, and engage potential investors.

Work included brand development, brand design, marketing material design, and investor presentation design.

VIA Global Health has successfully attracted and secured funding from 500 Startups and The Bill & Malinda Gates Foundation, catapulting their growth into the African, Asian, and American markets.
Essential Medical Guidance is a digital platform for healthcare workers that gives them access to medicines info and clinical guidelines at the push of a button.
Our Involvement
We worked with EM Guidance in the development and foundation of their brand and visual language.

Work included brand development and brand design.

EM Guidance has grown to be one of the most innovative medical-tech companies in South Africa.
The Sunflower Fund is the leading organisation in growing South Africa’s bone marrow database in the fight against leukaemia.
Our Involvement
We were called in to help them engage their audience and inspire support from their community in their drive for donor registrations.

Work included TV ad production, script writing, and concept development.
PEG Africa brings solar power to West Africa – giving 150 million people in rural communities access to much-needed electricity.
Our Involvement
We were called in to help PEG design a new website to demonstrate their credibility and attract the best talent from across the continent.

Work included website design, website development, content strategy, and content writing.

PEG’s new website successfully positioned them to attract the diverse and far-reaching audience they were looking to engage.
Open Africa helps uplift rural communities through tourism and trade.
Our Involvement
We worked with Open Africa to strengthen their internal brand, align their team, and help them show off the impact they’ve made all over South Africa.

Work included employee brand guides, annual report design, and office mural design.

Open Africa brought their story to life and successfully built an engaged team while earning long-term support from their partners.
Solar Capital launched an initiative to clean up the environment in De Aar, in the Northern Cape province of South Africa.
Our Involvement
We were tasked to create effective ways to engage local youth and inspire a culture of recycling. We worked with Solar Capital and their partners to create a recycling programme and youth brand for local schools called The Green Club.

Work included audience strategy, brand development, brand design, marketing, campaign design, and content creation.

With the creation of The Green Club, Solar Capital successfully kicked off an entire movement of recycling across schools in the Northern Cape of South Africa – playing a significant role in improving the environment.
Startup Grind is a Google for Entrepreneurs initiative with a mission to connect startups from all over the world. They host monthly events in over 125 countries, with their annual event in Silicon Valley each year.
Our Involvement
We worked with Startup Grind to help them grow and engage their community in Cape Town, South Africa.

Work included content creation, digital marketing, and social media management.

Startup Grind Cape Town grew to become one of the largest SG communities in the world, taking their entrepreneurial following to 8000 people and reaching 16 000 people organically, per month, through their media channels.
The Innovator Trust is on a mission to empower minority and female-owned businesses in South Africa. They offer support and training programmes to small businesses in tech.
Our Involvement
We worked with the Innovator Trust in the development of their tertiary training centre for South Africa’s tech community.

We helped them show-off their track record, develop effective messaging, and present themselves with clear and engaging design.

Work included content creation, investor presentation design, and industry research.

The Innovator Trust supports hundreds of entrepreneurs each year and they continue to make strides in empowering minority and female-owned businesses all over the country.
IMISA, The Institute for Mindfulness South Africa, is a guiding organisation for mindfulness practitioners in the country. They explore mindfulness as a way to connect with the people and the world around us.
Our Involvement
We helped them build their community and grow their brand.

Work included consulting, brand development, brand design, messaging and positioning, website design, website development, and various marketing campaigns and events.

IMISA has fast become the leading authority on contemporary mindfulness in South Africa, with growing international recognition.
Angels Resource Centres is committed to empowering rural and previously-disadvantaged entrepreneurs in South Africa. They offer mentorship, support, and training for businesses in their early stages of growth.
Our Involvement
We worked with Angels in the marketing and design of various projects and programmes – including The Business Startup Kit, The Big Waste Wake Up, The Big Shake-Up, The Green Club with Solar Capital, and many more.

We worked with them to engage their audience, increase their sales, and establish their authority in the industries in which they work.

Work included brand development, brand design, marketing, messaging, positioning, and content creation.

Angels continues to grow and make a significant impact on every small business they assist - truly changing the landscape of entrepreneurship in South Africa.
SA Innovation Summit is a catalyst for innovation and economic success on the African continent. They’re fast becoming one of South Africa’s largest gatherings of inventors, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders in tech.
Our Involvement
We were called in to help SA Innovation Summit grow their community, build an engaged audience, and attract people to their annual events.

Work included brand management, digital marketing, social media management, content strategy, and content writing.

SA Innovation Summit continues to grow year on year, reaching entrepreneurs from all over Africa.