Profile Photo of Marwaan Sasman - Head of Strategy at Pigeon Pie

The world depends on you to do your best work.

We believe the world’s toughest challenges can be solved through business.
We’re seeing increased success in green energy, healthcare, education, and unique new industries that solve problems for people all over the world. There’s a revival of innovation and our clients are leading this change.

People are taking ownership of the future and putting their values at the centre of their work.

At Pigeon Pie, we strive to create a space where businesses can achieve their most ambitious goals and professionals can work on projects that drive the world forward.

It’s time that we reached for our true potential.
Profile Photo of Marwaan Sasman - Head of Strategy at Pigeon Pie
~ Marwaan Sasman, Head of Strategy

Things that are important to us:

Every one of us has a role to play in creating the future we envision for the world. A better future is possible and we all have the responsibility to shape it.
Great work is the result of great relationships. Our clients are always a part of our team and we are always a part of theirs.
Design needs to be driven by clear business objectives. Design without strategy is just art - and we’re not in the business of making art.
It’s important to build brands on real human engagement. The audience or end user is one of the most important parts of any brand or any campaign.
To achieve real, long-term results, we believe solutions need to be repeatable and sustainable. Short-term interventions are not enough.