We believe in the power of great ideas.

Great ideas change things. They challenge our thinking, create opportunities, and they drive us to take action. Great ideas have the power to influence the future. We work with the change-makers, the rule-breakers, the visionaries and those who are creating things that are changing the world. We build their brands and amplify their influence. Welcome to Pigeon Pie.

Pigeon Pie, a creative agency for entrepreneurs and change-makers.

A great brand does more than build a business. A great brand can engage an audience, start a movement or inspire a nation. We develop the brand strategies and creative communication that ensures you build a brand people fall in love with; a brand that connects. These are our key services:

Brand Development

Brand Development deals with the creation and development of a new brand. It’s well suited for entrepreneurs and companies who are creating a new product, a new initiative or a new business. We work with you to discover market insights, develop a long-term brand strategy, and create the marketing material that will ensure the success of your new idea.

Brand Management

Brand Management deals with the maintenance and strengthening of an existing brand. We create regular marketing material, marketing strategies and creative ideas to ensure continuous engagement between your brand and audience, helping your brand maintain its momentum into the future.

Brand Growth

Brand Growth deals with a brand’s evolution or its expansion into wider markets. It’s well suited for entrepreneurs or companies with a brand looking to overcome specific challenges, move into new markets or stimulate innovation. We develop the creative strategy and creative solutions to help your brand flourish into new and exciting areas.


  • Andrew Gasnolar

    It’s rare for a creative partner to show such commitment and support, but we find Pigeon Pie exceptional. Our partnership with Pigeon Pie stemmed beyond creative work and brand strategy into a bond of collaboration.

    Andrew Gasnolar, Boundless Heart Foundation

  • As a global company, we recognize the value of sourcing the best talent and ideas from around the world. We were gratified to find the team in Cape Town that understood the impact we wanted to make and how to translate our vision into a story that resonates with customers.

    Noah Perin, VIA Global Health

  • Through Pigeon Pie’s dedicated interactions with our online audience, we have managed to build up a strong community and loyal following. It’s so refreshing to work with a creative team of this calibre. A truly world-class organisation!

    Guillaume De Smedt, Google Startup Grind

  • Lizelle Coombs - Business Kits 01

    Working with Pigeon Pie has been a tremendously satisfying journey. They have changed Business Kits from being just another product, to the extraordinary offer I know it really is. Pigeon Pie has a magical way of bringing out the absolute best of your product or service.

    Lizelle Coombs, Business Kits

  • Vuyisa Qabaka

    Africa is growing at a rapid pace in business, creativity and entrepreneurship. Pigeon Pie is at the forefront of this change. They have the vision and skill to take brands from inception to the global stage. Thank you!

    Vuyisa Qabaka, Enterprise Enabler

  • I was blown away with Pigeon Pie’s translation of the Zoona brand and how they designed and developed our new website in an engaging, story-telling way. Never flustered, always professional, and went the extra mile to deliver on tight timelines. Highly recommended!

    Tracey Trevelyan, Zoona